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If you know me pretty well, you know that I’m horribly scared of Haunted Mansion. From ages 5-11, I was absolutely terrified of the ride and refused to go on it. It didn’t matter which version of the ride it was (DLR, WDW, DLP), I stood outside or in the respective gift shop until my family emerged. But during Disneyland’s 50th anniversary, I decided that I was going to be a big kid and face my fear and ride Haunted Mansion.

There are five people in my family, which always meant that someone had to ride alone when we went to the parks. Seeing as I was the oldest, I usually rode by myself while my parents rode with my two younger sisters. Normally this wasn’t a huge deal, but being alone in a Doom Buggy when you’re 12 and scared of Haunted Mansion isn’t exactly the best idea.

I made it through the majority of the ride ok, until we got to the infamous attic scene. But it was different from how I remembered - with the 50th anniversary came the upgrade of Constance to the mansion, which I wasn’t planning on. I was pretty scared as I moved through the attic, but still remained somewhat composed. Until I got face to face with the bride herself, and the ride broke down. I then spent 10 long minutes with Constance until the ride began to move again. To say I was traumatized barely begins to capture how I felt once I exited my Doom Buggy.

To this day, I try to avoid the ride as much as possible. Occasionally, I get forced on by friends and family (as it’s my Dad’s favorite), and I usually crawl into a ball and cover my eyes and ears until I pass Constance. But one day in Disneyland over the summer, I had my camera on me (when Brandon forced me on the ride), and tried to capture stupid Constance and somehow kind of succeeded. 8 years later, I still had to take a moment after I rode the ride and got this shot.

This is probably the only picture I’ll ever take of Constance, and it’s my official “I hate you/thanks for nothing” post to her.

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